Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What to Wear, What to Wear???

It's not Monday... but it's not the weekend either. You're caught up in the middle of the week. Probably working or something. And who needs that?? Let's shop!!

Do you have a date this weekend (no... me either)?? Maybe going to your local handmade market (I am!)?? Or just a day at scooping up fresh goodies from the local farmers market (I'm doing that too!!)? Whatever your plans, your going to need something completely original to wear.

I found this designer over on etsy last night... ::THIMBLE and ACORN::

"Wendy gave Peter Pan a thimble, when he held out his hand for a kiss (she did not want to hurt his feelings). Peter Pan then gave Wendy an acorn as a "kiss" which later saved her life..."

*never grow up*

Eve has a passion for sewing and uses a combination of high quality fabrics (both new and recycled/upcycled) to make unique tops, skirts and dresses for women.

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