Monday, April 26, 2010

Tip 13 | Etsy Hacks

I was scrolling though my twitter feed one day and I see one of my tweeples (thats twitter for peoples) comment that they were upset that the changes to Etsy had messed up their Etsy Hacks. I immediately said “WHAT IS AN ETSY HACK?!?” I then googled it.

Maybe you’ve heard it mentioned and you’re just not exactly sure what it is or what it does. Maybe you think “hacks” are a bad thing. Or maybe you’ve never heard of it at all.

So what is it?? Only the best thing to ever happen to Etsy!!!

Before we get in depth on how they work and why I love them let me first say that right now they only work with the browser Firefox. Which you can download here. Ian is working to make it compatible to other browsers but right now you will have to download Firefox to use it - IT IS SO WORTH IT!

Ian’s wife runs her own Etsy shop and in order to help her business run a little more efficiently he created Etsy Hacks and then released them to the public. Since then Etsy has adopted some of his hacks, thank Ian for the bulk uploader, and then they adopted him. In August of 2009 they hired him as QA Engineer, responsible for testing the site and any new features as they come along.

Now that we have all the background out of the why let’s jump right into the fun stuff!!

EtsyHacks is a collection of tips, tricks, shortcuts and links that makes your Etsy experience… buying and selling… faster and more efficient. They will allow you go directly to a listing and edit, copy, delete. They will allow you to convo right from a transaction order. They will allow you to delete a convo while in the message. They just cut out a lot of searching your listings and orders which in turn costs you valuable time!

I really love them all, but I do have 3 that I used EVERYDAY and can’t even imagine life without them now.
Copy Lisitng: create a new listing based on an existing one.


Edit This Item: edit or delete a listing from the View Listing page.

Relisted Items: Track which items have been relisted when viewing sold items.

Your etsy” page navigation
Adds page navigation to the top of your Your Etsy pages.

Sold orders plus
Search sold orders and see when buyers have bought from you before

Unheart and reheart favourites from the shop and listing pages, and unheart and reheart favourites in the Favourite Sellers and Favourite Items pages more quickly.

Fast tagger
Add all your listing’s tags at once.

Section counter
Looks for uncategorised listings in your “Sections” page.

Copy listing
Adds a link to copy an existing listing to the View Listing page

Forum navbar
Adds an extra navigation bar to forum pages

Fast batch feedback
Quickly set all the fields on the batch feedback page

Item zoom
Adds a zoom icon to images in search and shop listings

Shop tools
Adds a links to shop configuration pages to your shop and listing pages.

Forum permalinks
Adds a link to make it easier to link to specific posts in a forum

Treasury window tweaker
Makes it easier to open multiple treasuries in new tabs.

Forum user links
Adds links to a user’s profile, the ‘heart this user’ function, and links to send them a convo and see all the convos you’ve had with them.

Cancel transaction
Adds links to cancel transaction from the sold orders and view transaction pages

Printable receipt enhancer
Adds IDs and class names on the printer-friendly receipt, to make it easier to customise

Buyer info
Add extra information to the “buyer” box on a receipt page - a link to convos with that user, a link to their feedback page, a link to send them a convo, and a link to their email address.

As I said there are soooooooo many, head over to Ian’s site and check them out for yourself. If you have one you would love to see shoot him a message. Not only will he create it but he will put your shop name on it.

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