Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning Vintage Mugs

I don't think it's a big secret that Monday mornings are a draaaag. You always need that extra cup of energy to get you going.

If you're like me... you feel the better the mug, the better the coffee... therefore... the better the Monday!!

I found some pretty good vintage mugs over on etsy that I wanted to share with you!!

Taste of Love Vintage Milk Glass Mug from ::VintageVotary::

How great would this one (below) look on your desk holding pens and pencils?? The seller had the idea of using it for a brush-soaking mug!!

Japanese Artist's Mug from ::OhSydney::

My husband is on some serious fitness kick right now... I thought this would be a great mug to sip from while I sit on the curb watching him sprint past the house (i'm not so much on a fitness kick right now).

Protest Flab Mug from ::DandelionGirl::

All this vintage mug browsing left me with a serious need to buy one for myself. I bout the one below just because I absolutely can't live without it in my life!!! I think this could be my new favorite mug of all time, ever!!!

Rock 'n Rolla Mug from ::RiffRaffReview::

Treat yourself to an inexpensive gift this Monday morning and go get a vintage mug!! etsy, thrift stores, flea markets, ebay... they all have great mugs that will instantly become part your favorite ritual of the day!!

Too broke to spend a couple dollars on an old mug??? Rummage through your grandma's storage shed... I found this one (below) hiding in a basket for free!!! And it has my name on it... imagine how excited I was when I uncovered this little find!!

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