Thursday, April 22, 2010


Since today is Earth Day... I've decided to have a little sale!!!

I love little jars... and putting things in jars! But I've never liked putting living things in jars... however... I've always wanted a pet butterfly.

All that being said, I found these itty bitty feather butterflies at a local store a few years back and never could think of a way to use them. UNTIL... I found these itty bitty apothecary jars at the same store just a few months ago!!

So... I created these little charms:

available at ::RELISH::

I loved them so much I had to make a necklace. I added a little bit of moss to add a bit of color. There are two different styles of brass chain and a silver colored faceted bead.

So here's where the money saving comes in!!!

You can purchased either of the above items in my etsy store (just click the links under the picture).

Once you purchase the item... before you pay... convo me with this coupon code:


I will then send you an invoice and mark 50% off the item.

Then you pay... then I ship it to you... then you wear it... then you become the envy of all your friends and live happily ever after!!

**This coupon code is good till May 01, 2010

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