Saturday, April 24, 2010


For some reason I'm just now stumbling onto this blog. I feel like most of you have probably been aware of it for a while.

Every time I think about the Handmade Revolution that seems to be going on these days, I can hear my mom saying "I told you so".

My mom was a master crafter... taught by her grandmother. She could make every and any thing you could and couldn't imagine.

She made everything from our prom and Sunday dresses to homemade and crocheted gifts for friends and family. She'd take us shopping and we'd buy nothing because she could make everything in the store. "I can make that" was the dreaded phrase.

And now... here I am... with a daughter of my own finding myself saying "I can make that". And my mom walks with her head held just a little higher... because she passed along to us, what her grandmother passed along to her... Handmade is just better!

I added their badge to the featured links section so you can just click on over anytime you feel like it :)

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