Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bird Cage Obsession

So like everyone else, I have to have a birdcage in my life.

While searching around on the internet, i saw these lamps and thought... I can make that!

Seeing as how I already had a string of cafe lights that were not being used... I went with the one on the right. (plus it looks just a taaaaad bit easier to make).

A friend of mine just so happened to have a birdcage she wanted to get rid of *gasp... who would do such a thing* for free!

I decided to make my lamp more of a floor lamp. I had an old pedestal table sitting around that I couldn't find a use for. So, I put the cage on the table (which just so happened to be the perfect size) and gave it a good coat of vibrant purple spray paint.

I placed it in the hallway beneath my FOR LIKE EVER print (who doesn't have one of those by now). And I have to say... I think I did a pretty good job!!

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